Ready Stock: Fragment by Michael Murray DVD - ACAAN Magic Tricks

$ 19.00 USD

"Nice to see an effect that is not only a real magician fooler but also totally designed for real-world performing too!"
- Jamie Daws

Best of all, there are no gaffs or gimmicks in play and since it requires no set-up, it can be performed at any time with a shuffled deck in use. Oh, we should also mention that this is very easy to perform too!

There has been a lot of buzz these past few weeks regarding the impending release of Michael Murrays new 'ACAAN style' effect. After witnessing the effect in action Michael received the following messages:

"Wow, just wow!"
- Jamie Daws

"Holy f**k, that is incredible!"
- Joel Dickinson

"Mate that's genius!"
- Rus Andrews

- John Carey

"That's insane!"
- Mitchell Kettlewell

"You've had my head working overtime all night!"
- Stevo Watson

"That's impossible!! Take my money!!!"
- Nick Richmond 

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