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PRINT by Anthony Stan and Magic Smile Productions - Trick

RM 119.80

A powerful multi-phase routine where 4 cards appear in the spectator's own hands!

4 blank cards are shown to the spectator. Two are placed in the spectator's hands, and the other two blank cards are placed in your hands. Magically, the faces of the cards appear!

The cards are isolated to ensure no sleight of hand, then the spectator names one card. Magically, the card named is now the only one face down.

Finally, the back of the cards magically appear in the spectator's own hands and the cards can be inspected!

  • Visual and easy to perform 
  • The magic happens in the spectator's hands 
  • The cards can be inspected 
  • 4 killer phases 
  • Use any back design 
  • No rough and smooth - no sticky stuff - No palming 
  • Ready to perform 
  • Includes: Cards (printed by US Playing Cards) and card holder 

Note: The cards included may have different faces from those shown in the trailer.

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