KADABRA 6 to 9 Moving Pips - Shin Lim Card Magic Gimmick

$ 150.00 USD

KADABRA Ultimate Moving Pips with Index 6 to 9 (Original Bicycle Back) as seen as AGT Shin Lim Performance 6 heart turn to 9 heart 


A card is chosen (Nine of Heart). The Six of Heart is also used. 

Drawing attention back to the Six of Heart still in your hand, you slowly and methodically shake the card. Suddenly, the ❤️on the Six are seen to visually multiply and move across the card to form the Nine of Heart. Whist the index of both six turning magically to Nine. 

This Gimmick is widely used by professional Magician ie Shin Lim, Michael Lam, Cyril Takayama, Lu Chen and etc. This gimmick is make in high quality and more durable. Shin Lim had used this gimmick won the champion on AGT competition.

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