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Escalators by Peter Turner Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

RM 300.00

This project is a digital video download containing 10 routines and more than 50 videos.

These are the routines that I have found to be the very best routines from within 13 steps - each one carefully handpicked after years of re-visiting this work of art. I've taken each of these routines and ran with them, adding my own twists to these effects, making them streamlined, practical, modern and hard hitting.

Duped: A drawing duplication (impromptu, on the fly any place anytime).

 Out of my Mind:  A clean Out Of This World, no swapping piles. The participant deals the first half of the packet face up after mixing them and nails them 100%. They finish with a high crescendo, dealing the second half face down and revealing yet again they were perfect.

Q+A: The simplest self-working version I've seen. Participants don't even need to write for you to tell them the question/the answer. You can perform this anywhere, anytime in any environment.

Magazine Test: 3 participants, 3 articles and you nail them.

A Blind Coincidence: They think of a card, never telling you what it is. Each of you turn a card face up under the table in a facedown packet. You hand them your packet, they name their thought-of card, spread them out, and they are the ONLY face-up cards.

Triology: An envelope is placed on a table. You spread a deck of cards face up and ask them to think of a couple of cards (one they think you are thinking of and one they would like you to guess). You reveal the card they are thinking of, with no fishing. Then they name the card they think you are thinking of and it is in the envelope on the table. As the kicker, you turn the deck over and that card is the only one with an indifferent back.

Knowledge: You think of a word and write it down (never telling the participant). They think of a word, never telling you what it is. You both correctly guess each other's word.

The Mystery of the Message: Someone at a table is asked to hold an envelope and feel whom they believe the message inside belongs to. It was written long before getting to the venue. When read aloud it contains that persons name, star sign and date of birth.

Shopped: A list of shopping items are on stacks of cards. The cards are mixed and the performer looks at them briefly after the mix (memorizing them). The participant takes one item and the performer can instantly tell the participant the missing item. This is repeated with the performer never looking at the stack, and the performer dupes the drawing of the item, revealing a matched turn around.

Download and enjoy performing these amazing effects!

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