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Ready Stock: Dove Worker by CY - DVD

$ 80.00 USD

Interested in dove magic? Do you want to bring yours to the next level? Introducing a revolutionary DVD to teach you modern stage magic with doves.

From the basic controls and sequences to advanced presentations that will make your magic look as miraculous and visual as it can get, CY shares some of his most valued knowledge regarding stage magic. Dove Worker also deals with parlor settings for magic using doves, and all the critical details on performing with doves.

- Detailed lecture on costumes when performing magic with doves

- 11 routines and sequences

- CY's variations on modern dove magic

- Guidance on making your own props

- 9 load grips for doves

- Presentation tips on performing magic with doves for parlor-size stages

"CY shows what it is like to present magic in the most visually astounding way."

- Lukas

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