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David Stone's bestseller on professional close-up magic in Spanish at last! 

The indispensable guide to becoming a first class artist! 

A gold mine of tips for the pros! 

The real secrets of professional wizards are not their routines: to become a real pro you do not need another book of tricks, you need this guide to operate with ease in the world of professional close-up! 

Would you like to earn more money doing magic up close and get better tips? David Stone reveals in these pages his best secrets to: 

- Maximize the impact of your presentation routine 
- Position yourself as an authority in any type of event
- Make spectators ask for your contact card 
- Identify instantly the most lucrative tables in a restaurant 

Hundreds of tips, tips and tricks of the trade: 

How to approach and tackle a table - Prepare the stage to get the best performance - Recognize the perfect moment to show your best effect - 6 steps to achieve an elegant farewell - Phrases with hook designed to cause applause - When and how to promote your magic - What to do when your audience asks you to repeat an effect - How to get easily to the public in pocket and earn your living with your passion - Get good tips - Make sure you get hired again ...

You will find all that and much more in these pages, as well as a reflection that will guide you on the path of taking the step from amateur to professional magician. 

Discover the true secrets of magic in this book full of concrete advice, funny anecdotes and essential suggestions! 

(Pocket edition - 429 pages) 

"This book, like magic, will not only excite you, it will also make you a better magician." 
- Dani DaOrtiz 

"The real secrets of magic are here!" 
- Jean-Jacques Sanvert 

"David shows you, in his inimitable and entertaining way, the magic behind the magic." 
- Steve Beam 

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