My Magic Store established on 22 May 2019.

We sell magic tricks, DVDs, videos, and performance supplies to magicians of all skill levels (Beginner to advance) throughout the world.

You will notice that our magic shop have a little different compared with other magic stores. We aim to deliver good magic products together with good services. What you have received is our care, love, joy and fun for every single magic products. We believe that magic will bring happiness to everyone. So that we create this place that allow you to learn to be a professional magician, magic hobbyist or cardistry.

Magic is different than other hobbies and even other performance arts. Magic has a very strong and wonderful community aspect to it. It can use for ice breaking to make new friends even goes into new business. We're proud to be a part of that community, and we welcome you and look forward to sharing our love of magic with you.

Let start to perform, share magic, love and happiness to around of the world.

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