Ready Stock: Limited Edition (Gilded) Silence Playing Cards By Shenzhen Shian Poker Co. Acelion

$ 500.00 USD

LIMITED EDITION: Only 150 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.Let's meet Acelion - an extremely creative team of art.

Silence Playing Cards are the first work of them.Let's start taking off the mask of Silence.

Once you get the Silence Playing Cards in your hand,you can feel so many differences from other playing card.

The luxurious tuck boxes of Silence Playing Cards are manufactured with very special double-layers paper stock. When you remove the 1st tuck case at the outside,you will understand how deluxe and surprising it is!

The 2nd tuck case is also special ,it allows you to grab the cards out from side.

The artwork of each cards are 100% customized, totally Gothic style ,full of beauties and darkness.We promise every card is worth savoring!

We made lots of hot silver on the tuck case, remember to look into the tuck case,you will find shining moon and stars.

This is glided edition for collectors,they are only 150 printed!

  • Super limited.
  • Glided edition is perfect for collectors.
  • Luxurious double-layers tuck box you've NEVER seen before.

Glided edition has little different customization from standard edition, the face and back the each cards are at black background.They look even more dark Gothic!

Are you ready to unveil the Silence? 

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