Ready Stock: Hot Dog & Mustard Combo (Half-Brick Food Truck) Playing Cards by Fast Food Playing Cards

$ 150.00 USD

Welcome to Fast Food Playing Cards! After the famous pairing of the Fries & Ketchup, and all the support shown for those decks, we've expanded our menu with another popular combo: Hot Dog & Mustard.

  • Limited to 2000 each. Comes in 2 versions - Hot Dog & Mustard
  • The Hot Dog tuck case is embossed and made with premium matte finish paper, printed on both sides, and die-cut to mimic an actual Hot Dog box.
  • Fully custom court cards representing the Fast Food Culture
  • The Hot Dog Deck is FULLY marked - Allowing you to identify any given card from the back.
  • The Mustard Deck is suit marked - Allowing you to identify any suit of any given card from the back.
Hot Dog is printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company. Mustard is printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Limited edition of 2000 for each edition.

Hotdog Truck Half Brick Box:

Crafted out of sturdy paper stock, shaped, embossed and printed to look like a hot dog truck, this box carries 6 decks and comes driving into the mailbox of every customer who orders 6 or more Hot Dog and/or Mustard decks.
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